With the current State of Emergency and Social Distancing, Shelley Ortved is switching to provide Speech and Language Services Online. Telepractice may be used to overcome barriers of access to services caused by these unprecedented times of self-isolation. Telepractice/Distance Learning occurs in real-time “face to face” with Shelley.

Telepractice/Distance Learning is defined as “the application of telecommunications technology for the delivery of professional services at a distance linking a clinician to a client for assessment, intervention/therapy and or consultation,” and it has been approved by the College of Speech Pathologists and Audiologists of Ontario.

Telepractice/Distance Learning is an appropriate model of service delivery for the profession of Speech Pathology. Shelley Ortved offers the following services online for many students.

  • Direct Speech Therapy
  • Receptive Verbal Comprehension
  • Expressive Language
  • Parent Training and Consultation

Basic equipment for conducting online speech therapy includes the following hardware:

  • Computer
  • Web camera
  • Headset with attached microphone
  • High speed Internet connection

At the present time, both FaceTime and ZOOM can be used to conduct therapy because they are very easy to use, and are not visual to others. It is hoped that both companies will continue to upgrade their privacy strategies.

The environment of online learning should have minimal distractions and noise level, and since most students are experiencing online education due to school closures, they are used to the screen, and families are learning how to set up equipment and troubleshoot.

Children working on their speech may require the supervision of their parents during the session, usually to control their child’s behavior. This will not be difficult for Shelley Ortved because she always conducted therapy sessions with a parent in the room to facilitate intervention strategies.

Lastly, the therapist/clinician must be animated and superbly positive, which are two of Shelley Ortved’s strengths! Give her office a call today to learn more about how she can help!