Crafts can make speech therapy sessions more fun and will help kids remain motivated. Toys, games, movements and sensory experiences are often used in therapy sessions but crafts, in particular, are extremely effective because they help create structure and repetition, all while producing a tangible reward for task completion. Crafts will invite kids to ask for help and they will use more sounds and words as a result. It will provide them with a wonderful learning experience, so if you are looking for a few crafts to do during your speech therapy sessions, the following ideas will help:

Coffee Filter Butterfly

Kids can have fun dotting the filter and you can tap or clap the syllables to different words as you go along. You can also practice words like fly, wow and open, so kids can practice their speech while being creative at the same time.

Caterpillar Craft

Cut out different coloured circles and glue them together to create a caterpillar. During the craft, practice naming different foods and make the lesson fun by categorizing the foods with each circle. A green circle can be associated with vegetables, for example, while a red one can be for fruits. You can also discuss the foods that you like and list the ones that you don’t like using different colours and practice words like eat and treat along the way. This craft is a great way of learning different words and sounds.

Paper Roll Frog

Crafts can provide your sessions with action and this cute craft will do just that. You can cut, paste, stick, push and pull and the child will get to use paint and scissors and toilet paper rolls to make their frog. You can practice sentences along the way and the child can describe what they are doing. They can say “I am gluing” or the “frog is jumping,” for example, and you can focus on words that end in -ing.

Turtle Craft

You’ll need a CD and some buttons to make this and the shell portion must be covered entirely in buttons, so this craft is perfect for repetition. If you want to practice the same skills multiple times, this is a great opportunity because you can repeat the same sound, word or sentence until the turtle shell is covered.

Crafts are great because there are so many ways of using them for communication purposes. The ideas are endless and this type of activity will not only help with your child’s speech but with the development of their fine motor skills as well. You can even place the necessary materials in areas that the child cannot reach to create more opportunities where they must ask for help, which they can do by pointing, using a sound, expressing a word or asking a question.

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