Each year the regulating bodies, Speech-Language and Audiology of Canada (SAC), Ontario Speech-Language Audiology (OSLA), and the College of Audiologists Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO) dedicate the month of May to raise public awareness about communication health.

These agencies work to highlight the importance of early detection and treatment of communication disorders such as Speech Sound errors or Articulation. This refers to how we make sounds with our lips, tongue and jaw; Voice disorders refer to abusing vocal cords by constant yelling or coughing; Fluency disorders refers to the interruption of smooth, fluent talking; and Language Disorders refers to how we successfully acquire words and how to put words together to create a meaningful thought. Some words have more than one meaning, and knowing the difference is just one part of the learning language process.

Speech-Language Pathologists are trained to help with treating these disorders by applying the right learning techniques to help overcome these difficulties. Shelley Ortved specializes in the speech and language difficulties of children and adolescents, presently through tele-therapy, and when Covid-19 is clear her office will offer both In Office and Online therapy. Give Shelley Ortved’s office a call to learn about how she can help you and your child.