PLAY can be both fun and educational and is a very effective way for children to learn. It is possible for kids to learn complex ideas through play, and this is a big part of their growth and development. Particularly when it comes to speech and language.

PLAY is actually very important for speech and language development. Children can learn by watching, listening, exploring, and imitating. Even though it may not feel like it, these behaviors start when they are infants and the child continues to modify them as they become older. Children start listening and watching their caregivers from the day they are born and do hear sounds and words and will eventually imitate the sounds together with the arm, finger head movement.

EXPLORING their surroundings is extremely important for their development because the caregiver or parent can tell the child what they are looking at, or how it works. This situation helps to build vocabulary and comprehension. This will allow your child to make associations, formulate 2 words, and eventually an entire sentence. Your child will also watch you in action and will associate the words with the body movements that you do, and the child will imitate the movements as well.

EXPLORING AND PLAY and TALKING are things your young child will enjoy doing and will provide them with the confidence to use the language and the movements to communicate with others,

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