Browse Commonly Asked Speech-Language Pathology Questions

Do I need a doctor’s referral for your services?

No, you do not. Shelley B. Ortved can be reached directly at 416-488-0988.

Are speech-language pathologists regulated?

Yes. In order to deliver service, a speech-language pathologist must belong to the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario.

How am I invoiced?

Usually on a monthly basis, but if the parent wishes to pay after each session, this can be accommodated.

Can I claim services with my extended health care coverage?

Shelley will provide the invoice and parents can seek reimbursement from the insurer.

Are services tax deductible?

The child may be eligible for a disability tax credit.

Where can I access funding?

Speech therapy can be funded privately through personal Extended Health Benefits. Some families may be eligible to receive funding through charitable organizations such as the Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity or the President’s Choice Children’s Charity.

How much does speech-language therapy cost?

Please contact the office at 416-488-0988.

What types of disorders can be treated with speech-language therapy?

Several types of disorders can be treated.

When to Bring Your Toddler to a Speech-Language Pathologist

  • Limited babble
  • Does not attempt to talk by age 1
  • Uses more gestures than words by age 2
  • Sentences are simple and short, often with missing words
  • Speech sounds different from the other children about the same age
  • Confuses sounds within words
  • Speech is difficult for strangers to understand
  • Increased frustration in the child
  • Lack of imitation
  • Lack of eye contact
  • Uses certain phrases over and over again
  • Your child has been diagnosed with autism or a neurological or social communication disorder

When to Bring Your 6-Year-Old to Adolescent to a Speech-Language Pathologist

  • Speech still does not sound the same as other children about the same age
  • Increased frustration during communication
  • Requires several repetitions and revisions in order to understand what the person said
  • Decreased interest in social situations
  • When your high-functioning autistic child plateaued on standardized developmental scales (ABLLS) but there are still obvious difficulties with expressive and receptive language
  • You or your child’s teacher is concerned about your child’s literacy and language skills
  • If your child has been diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder and requires strategies to remain focused, organized, and flexible: executive-functioning skills

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