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Shelley B. Ortved, Speech Pathologist in Private Practice: Speech-Language Disorders Treatments in the GTA

Just as you would feed your child’s hunger, you must also feed your child’s vocabulary by teaching them words starting at a young age. ​Does your child have a speech problem? Is there a lisp, stammer, delayed speech, difficulty in pronouncing certain words or following a language? You may want to consider speech therapy to help overcome the problem. Shelley Ortved is dedicated to working with parents to reduce communication challenges in your child.

Effective communication is the foundation of healthy development in a child. Clear speech is an integral part of self-expression and articulation. If your child struggles to make themselves understood, it may affect social and emotional development or escalate into a severe learning disability. It’s hard for children with speech problems to build relationships in school, read or write fluently or feel confident about participating in group activities. Falling back in class in the early years has severe repercussions later in life.

Experienced speech therapist/pathologist can help your child with proper articulation, accent modification and language comprehension. Shelley Ortved is a highly qualified specialist in the field. 

No speech and language difficulty, including phonetic awareness, is too small or big for her. From Articulation Disorder to Down’s Syndrome and Apraxia, she has programs for all. Shelley will first assess your child, identify the challenges, discuss ways to overcome them with you and help your child regain confidence with individualized therapy. The course of the treatment varies from child to child. With consistent practice, she will help your child regain confidence in speaking, learning and social interaction.

Shelley Ortved’s speech therapy program is offered to children of all ages from toddlers to adolescents. Browse through her website to learn more about her flexible appointment hours and services.

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Flexible appointments including weekends. Winter hours available, please contact for more information.

What to Know About Speech Therapy

While many believe that speech therapy is only available for individuals who have a stutter, lisp or have trouble with articulation, that’s not the case. Speech therapists are capable of handling those speech problems as well as issues you may have with written or spoken language. This includes dyspraxia, dyslexia and auditory processing disorder.
Speech Therapy by Speech therapists

If your child struggles to communicate his or her thoughts with you, whether that is because of a developmental delay or a disorder such as autism, speech therapist Shelley B. Ortved would like to talk with you about how she can help.